2024 Schedules

Greeter Schedule 2024


    January                               February                                   March                                      April

7-Kaitlyn Clark                 4-Jeanne Anderson                3-Matt Dalrymple                 7-Marcy Slack

14-Mary Lou Clark         11-Marie Foster                      10-Joe France                     14-Jack Soller

21-Mary Lou Clark         18-Mark Peyton                     17-Cassie Hilbers                 21-Pat Andrist

28-Bruce Clymer            25-Jane Herndon                  24-Andy Hilbers                    28-Jan Gill

                                                                                     31-Mark Peyton


        May                                        June                                          July                                      August

5- Kim Johnson               2-Steve Johnson                    7-Sue Ostergard                   4-Jan Gill

12- Sue Ostergard          9-Matt Williams                     14-Matt Williams                   11-Archie Rickertsen

19-Bruce Clymer           16-Jeanie Johnson                 21-Connie Moore                  18-Steve Johnson

26-Pat Andrist               23-Connie Moore                   28-Steve Johnson                  25-Kaitlyn Clark

                                      30-Jack Soller


    September                           October                                    November                                December

1-Cassie Hilbers              6-Jack Soller                          3-Bob Andrist                         1-Cassie Hilbers

8-Andy Hilbers               13-Marie Foster                     10-Sue Williams                       8-Andy Hilbers

15-Sue Williams            20-Jeanne Anderson             17-Chris Wolff                         15-Nancy Augustine

22-Anna Dalrymple       27-Mike Wolf                          24-Bruce Clymer                     22-Jane Herndon

29-Jane Herndon                                                                                                         29-Larry Ostergard





Usher Schedule 2024


January                                 February                       March                                          April

7- L. Ostergard/ Bartels               4- Moore/ Whiting                3- Collins                                           7- C. Johnson       

14- L. Ostergard/ Bartels           11- Moore/ Whiting              10-Collins                                          14-France   

21-Greer                                   18-Clymer                             17- B. Franzen/V. Peterson              21-France

28-Greer                                   25-Clymer                            24- B. Franzen/V. Peterson               28- Kuxhausen/S. Ostergard

                                                                                              31- C. Johnson

May                                                    June                                 July                                                   August

5- Kuxhausen/S. Ostergard                2- Kennicutt                            7-Foster                                  4- Williams

12-Slack                                              9- J. Gill/K. France               14-Foster                                 11- Williams

19- Slack                                           16- J. Gill/K. France               21-T. Healey                            18- D. Clark

26-Kennicutt                                      23- Rickertsen/Brede            28-T. Healey                        25- D. Clark

                                                          30- Rickertsen/ Brede


September                                            October                                     November                                              December

1-Vesley/Stevens                                     6- Peyton                            3-K. Clark/ V. Peterson                                   1- Garza

8 Vesley/Stevens                                   13-Hilbers                           10- N. Augustine/ J. Gronewold                        8- Dalrymple

15-S. Johnson                                       20-Hilbers                           17- N. Augustine/ J. Gronewold                      15- Dalrymple

22--S. Johnson                                     27-K. Clark/ V. Peterson       24- Garza                                                       22- C. Healey

29- Peyton                                                                                                                                                                29- C. Healey


Blended Worship Schedule  2024


January        14     Dennis Clark and Kim Johnson with Mark Bartels on Sound

                     28     Roxanne Converse-Whiting and Marie Foster with Bruce Clymer on Sound


February      11      Dave Colllins and Anna Dalrymple with Steve Johnson on Sound

                    25       Steve Johnson and Larry Ostergard with Mark Peyton on Sound


March          10        Bruce Clymer and Carol Skinner with Mark Bartels on Sound

                    24        Kim Johnson and Mashayla Foster with Dennis Clark on Sound


April             14        Dave Collins and Claudine Kennicutt with Archie Rickertsen on Sound

                    28        Kathy France and Marie Foster with Steve Johnson on Sound


May             12         Mother's Day   Dave Collins and Larry Ostergard with Mark Peyton on Sound

                    26         Marie Foster and Roxanne Converse-Whiting with Archie Rickertsen on Sound


June              9        Matt Williams and  Kim Johnson with Bruce Clymer on Sound

                   23        Kaitlyn Clark and Anna Dalrymple with Archie Rickertsen on Sound


July            14       Matt Williams and Mashaela Foster with Mark Peyton on Sound

                   28       Kathy France and Claudine Kennicutt with  Mark Bartels on Sound


August        11       Matt Williams and Larry Ostergard with Bruce Clymer on Sound

                    25       Kathy France and  Kaitlyn Clark with Dennis Clark on Sound


September     8       Dave (prayer), Mashaela (reading), Mark Peyton (sound)

                    22       Claudine Kennicutt and Carol Skinner with Steve Johnson on Sound


October       13       Kathy France and  Roxanne Converse-Whiting with Mark Bartels on Sound

                    27       Kaitlyn (prayer), Anna (reading), Archie (sound)


November   10       Carol Skinner and Larry Ostergard with  Archie Rickertsen on Sound

                    24       Matt Williams and Kim Johnson with  Dennis Clark on Sound


December No blended worship this month                                                                                                          


Communion Dates 2024

February 4th Chair: Claudine Kennicutt      Mark Bartels    Vicky Peterson     Jan Gill     Steve Johnson      Jeanie Johnson

March 28th Maundy Thursday Service           *Covered by Worship Committee

April 7th Chair: Connie Moore        Jackie Kuxhausen       Dennis Clark      Sue Ostergard    Mary Lou Clark      Archie Rickertsen

June 2nd Chair: Scott Foster    Kaitlyn Clark    Kathy France    Chris Wolff     Shirley Stevens    Mke Wolff

August 4th Chair: Cozy Greer       Gary Greer      Jan Gill        Larry Ostergard      Kaitlyn Clark      Claudine Kennicutt

October 6th Chair: Nancy Augustine      Dave Collins     Matt Williams     Archie Rickertsen    Sue Williams    Kathy France

November 17th Chair: Roxanne Converse-Whiting    Carol Skinner   Steve Johnson    Mary Lou Clark  Jeanie Johnson   

Dennis Clark